Is Your Garage Motor More Than 14 Years Old?

Hire a garage door motor installation team in Charlotte, NC

Most garage door motors last between 10-to-14 years. If yours is nearing that marker, then it's time to look into a garage door motor replacement. Overhead King Garage Door provides garage door motor installation services for clients in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

If the problem is minor, we'll complete basic repairs rather than prematurely replacing it. Learn how to handle your motor issues today with a motor test. These should be done twice a year to make sure everything is working properly.

Are you encountering these common motor problems?

Are you encountering these common motor problems?

Age isn't the only indicator that your garage motor is on the fritz. You'll need garage door motor replacement or repair services if you notice that...

Your wall button works, but your remote doesn't
You close the door but it reopens on its own
Your door won't open or close properly

With over 14 years of experience, we know how to diagnose your motor issue and provide the right solution. Call 800-319-5520 now for a free estimate on a new garage door motor installation project.

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